Actions ReferenceΒΆ

Robusta can take many automated actions, in response to events in your cluster.

Built-in ActionsΒΆ

Message Formatting
Event Enrichment
Change Tracking
Python App Troubleshooting
Java App Troubleshooting

Custom ActionsΒΆ

Need to do something that the builtin actions don't cover? Write your own Robusta action in Python.

View example action (Python)
# this runs on Prometheus alerts you specify in the YAML
def my_enricher(event: PrometheusKubernetesAlert):
    # we have full access to the pod on which the alert fired
    pod = event.get_pod()
    pod_name =
    pod_logs = pod.get_logs()
    pod_processes = pod.exec("ps aux")

    # this is how you send data to slack or other destinations
        MarkdownBlock("*Oh no!* An alert occurred on " + pod_name),
        FileBlock("crashing-pod.log", pod_logs)