Supported ClustersΒΆ

We support all Kubernetes distributions other than Minikube.

Distribution-specific instructions are below.


OpenShift is supported via the Helm chart.


Do not install Robusta in the default OpenShift project.

Update the generated_values.yaml file to enable OpenShift support:

  enabled: true
  createScc: true

For users that do not have access to create their own SCCs in the cluster, see the openshift-scc-baseline.yaml file for the baseline SCC for the product. This SCC can be created in advance by administrators and referenced using the following set of values:

  enabled: true
  sccName: my-admins-scc

A test installation in OpenShift can use the existing SCC anyuid.

OpenShift Prometheus StackΒΆ

OpenShift comes with an existing Prometheus installation. In order to point to the preconfigued stack, update the globalConfig in the Helm values with the following:

  prometheus_url: http://prometheus-operated.openshift-monitoring.svc.cluster.local:9090

Robusta Advanced Debug FeaturesΒΆ

In order to support the python_debugger, java_debugger and node_disk_analyzer playbooks, permission to run a far more privileged container needs to be granted to the runner service account. This container has SYS_ADMIN capabilities and must run as root on the node.

To support these features in a production environment, you may want to only temporarily enable this permission so that a normal request cannot bypass the the less permissive SCC found in the baseline. To enable these privileged operations in your OpenShift environment, update the generated_values.yaml as follows:

  enabled: true
  createScc: true
  createPrivilegedScc: true

You may also reference an existing SCC using the openshift.privilegedSccName value. In test environments, you can reference the privileged SCC to enable these features in your installation.


We don't recommend installing Robusta on Minikube, due to a Minikube bug. For more details, refer to this GitHub issue.

We recommend testing with KIND instead.

Other Kubernetes ProvidersΒΆ

We have also tested Robusta on:

  • EKS

  • GKE

  • AKS

  • Civo Cloud

  • Digital Ocean

  • KIND

  • RKE