This guide is for environments with more than one Kubernetes cluster.

It's important to add all clusters to the same Robusta account.

Installing Robusta on multiple clustersΒΆ

  1. Install Robusta on the first cluster, as described in Installation Guides.

  2. Do a helm install on each additional cluster, re-using your existing generated_values.yaml.

     helm install robusta robusta/robusta -f ./generated_values.yaml --set clusterName=<YOUR_CLUSTER_NAME>


Do not run robusta gen-config separately for each cluster. That will give each cluster a unique generated_values.yaml which you don't want!

Frequently Asked QuestionsΒΆ

Why not run robusta gen-config separately for each cluster?ΒΆ

Each time you run robusta gen-config, it creates a new account ID. The Robusta UI groups all your clusters by that ID.

If you run robusta gen-config once per cluster, you wont be able to view all your clusters together.

Where is my generated_values.yaml?ΒΆ

If you lost your generated_values.yaml file, you can extract it from any cluster running Robusta.

helm get values -o yaml robusta | grep -v clusterName: | grep -v isSmallCluster: > generated_values.yaml


The above command strips the clusterName and isSmallCluster options so you don't copy them accidentally. These options should be determined on a cluster by cluster basis.