Does Robusta have Builtin Alerts?ΒΆ

Yes. Robusta includes built-in alerts based on Prometheus and direct APIServer monitoring.

These alerts work out of the box without any configuration.

You can also write your own alerts.

What Events Can Robusta Listen to?ΒΆ

Robusta listens to:

  • Prometheus alerts

  • CrashLoopBackOffs

  • OOMKills

  • Job Failures

  • Other APIServer errors

  • Updates to Kubernetes Deployments and other resources

See the full list in All Triggers.

Want Robusta to respond to a custom event? Just send your event to Robusta by webhook.

What Actions Can Robusta Take?ΒΆ

Actions typically do one of the following:

  • Correlate existing observability data

  • Perform high-fidelity data collection (e.g. fetch heap dumps)

  • Remediate problems

  • Silence false alarms

See the full list in All Actions.

For examples, see What are Playbooks?.

Where Can Robusta Send Notifications?ΒΆ

In Robusta, destinations are called sinks. Here are some built-in sinks:

  • Chat apps: Slack, MSTeams, Discord, and Telegram

  • Incident management tools: PagerDuty and OpsGenie

  • Monitoring Platforms: DataDog and the Robusta SaaS

See the full list in Sinks Reference.