Open Source vs SaaSΒΆ

There are several ways to use Robusta:

  • Robusta OSS: Send data to external destinations like Slack. No UI.

  • Robusta OSS + SaaS UI: The full experience.

  • Robusta OSS + Self-hosted UI: The on-prem experience.

Which option is right for me?ΒΆ

Most people use Robusta with the SaaS platform enabled. This gives you the full Robusta experience, with all capabilities and minimum hassle.

That said, the choice is yours. You can use the open-source without the SaaS platform, or you can self-host the SaaS platform via our enterprise plans.


The Robusta OSS is and always will be free. It is MIT licensed.

The Robusta UI is free to get started on our SaaS platform. If you want to self-host the UI, you'll need an enterprise plan.

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