I have an error installing RobustaΒΆ

Please refer to Help for common errors and solutions.

Can I install Robusta without the cli?ΒΆ

Yes, using the cli is optional. It auto-generates helm values, but you can also handwrite them:

  1. Fetch Robusta's default Helm values:

helm repo add robusta https://robusta-charts.storage.googleapis.com && helm repo update
helm show values robusta/robusta
  1. Modify those values to your heart's content. Refer to the Integration Guide for details.

  2. Do a helm install.

The helm chart in GitHub doesn't work. Why?ΒΆ

It has certain placeholders. For example, runner.image is set during our release workflow.

Use our Helm repository instead of our GitHub repository. See above.

Can I install Robusta in a different namespace?ΒΆ

Yes. By default Robusta is installed in the default namespace but you can change that.

For example, to install in the robusta namespace:

helm install robusta robusta/robusta -f ./generated_values.yaml -n robusta --create-namespace --set clusterName=<YOUR_CLUSTER_NAME>

Verify success by checking that two Robusta pods are running:

 kubectl get pods -n robusta


Make sure you add the --namespace flag to future robusta cli commands.

Does Robusta support Thanos/Cortex/Mimir/VictoriaMetrics?ΒΆ

Any Prometheus-compatible solution is fine. Just follow instructions under Integrate with Existing Prometheus

Can I use Robusta with DataDog?ΒΆ

Yes, we have a DataDog integration available. Try it out.

Is NewRelic supported?ΒΆ

It's being planned, speak to us on Slack.

Does Robusta replace monitoring tools?ΒΆ

Robusta's all-in-one package is a complete monitoring and observability solution.

Alternatively, you can keep your existing tools and add-on robusta.