Robusta runs in-cluster as two Kubernetes deployments

  • robusta-forwarder - Connects to the APIServer and monitors Kubernetes changes. Forwards them to robusta-runner.

  • robusta-runner - Receives all events, evaluates playbooks, sends notifications

Robusta has some optional components, described below.

Bundled Prometheus (Optional)ΒΆ

Install Robusta with Prometheus included. This is powered by kube-prometheus-stack.

Alternatively, you can integrate an existing Prometheus with Robusta.

Web UI (Optional)ΒΆ

The Robusta SaaS platform provides a single pane of glass for all your alerts and clusters.

CLI (Optional)ΒΆ

The robusta cli makes it easier to install Robusta by auto-generating Helm values.

Next StepsΒΆ

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