Insights CoverageΒΆ

Robusta's monitors these alerts and errors by default. It finds insights and suggests fixes.


This page is under construction! Current contents are incomplete.

Prometheus AlertsΒΆ

  • CPUThrottlingHigh - show the reason and how to fix it

  • HostOomKillDetected - show which pods were killed

  • KubeNodeNotReady - show node resources and effected pods

  • HostHighCpuLoad - show CPU usage analysis

  • KubernetesDaemonsetMisscheduled - flag known false positives and suggest fixes

  • KubernetesDeploymentReplicasMismatch - show the deployment's status

  • NodeFilesystemSpaceFillingUp - show disk usage


You must send your Prometheus alerts to Robusta by webhook for these to work.

Other errorsΒΆ

These are identified by listening to the API Server:

  • CrashLoopBackOff

  • ImagePullBackOff

  • Node NotReady

Additionally, all Kubernetes Events (kubectl get events) of WARNING level and above are sent to the Robusta UI.

Change TrackingΒΆ

By default all changes to Deployments, DaemonSets, and StatefulSets are sent to the Robusta UI for correlation with Prometheus alerts and other errors.

These changes are not sent to other sinks (e.g. Slack) by default because they are spammy. Automation Basics explains how to selectively track changes you care about in Slack as well.

We also wrote a blog post Why everyone should track Kubernetes changes and top four ways to do so

Optional add-onsΒΆ

These have the potential to be spammy so they aren't enabled by default.

We will enable them once we finish the fine-tuning. Until them, you can enable them yourself.

Alert on hpa reached limitΒΆ

Playbook Action: alert_on_hpa_reached_limit

Notify when the HPA reaches its maximum replicas and allow fixing it.

Add this to your Robusta configuration (Helm values.yaml):

- actions:
  - alert_on_hpa_reached_limit: {}
  - on_horizontalpodautoscaler_update: {}

The above is an example. Try customizing the trigger and parameters.

increase_pct (int) = 20

Increase the HPA max_replicas by this percentage.