Changing Robusta's builtin actionsΒΆ

Some users may want to change playbook actions built into Robusta. This is useful when fixing bugs or adding new features.

Override a single builtin actionΒΆ

To do so, implement and load another action with the same name. For example, to override the builtin logs_enricher action, just load your own action named logs_enricher.

Override all default actions at onceΒΆ

If you're going to modify many builtin playbooks, it may be easier to fork the defaults and load everything at once from your fork. (By fork, we mean copy-pasting the playbooks/robusta_playbooks folder, not a literal git fork.)

To do so, copy the playbooks/robusta_playbooks folder to a custom playbook repository, and load it under the name robusta_playbooks. This will override all the defaults with your version.

For example, if you want to override the resource_babysitter action:

  1. Create a playbooks package for your action.

  2. Create a new resource_babysitter action inside it.

  3. Push the playbooks package:

robusta playbooks push ./my-custom-playbooks-package