Playbook API ChangesΒΆ

Do I need to read this page?

Most Robusta users can ignore this page.

This page only applies to users who wrote custom playbook actions in Python.

This page documents breaking changes to the Robusta API, and how to update custom playbook actions between versions.

Updating Custom Playbooks to Robusta 0.10.17ΒΆ

In Robusta 0.10.17 we updated the Hikaru dependency to a newer version.

To support this change in your playbook actions, apply the following changes.

Update pyproject.tomlΒΆ

Remove hikaru and kubernetes from your playbook repo's pyproject.toml. These are managed by Robusta itself and listing them in pyproject.toml can cause the library version to be downgraded.

# remove these lines!
#hikaru = ...
#kubernetes = ...

Update hikaru importsΒΆ

Change your imports from hikaru.model to hikaru.model.rel_1_26.

# Old import
from hikaru.model import Node

# New import
from hikaru.model.rel_1_26 import Node

Update all Kubernetes listing functionsΒΆ

Resource-listing functions have moved. For example, Deployment.listNamespacedDeployment is now DeploymentList.listNamespacedDeployment.

# Old method

# New method

Other changesΒΆ

The Event object was updated to a newer Kubernetes API version. This change is unlikely to effect your code, but if necessary refer to the Kubernetes deprecation guide on Events.

For the complete list of Hikaru changes, refer to the Hikaru release notes.