Loading Custom Actions into RobustaΒΆ


You have a Playbook Repository with at least one action.

This repository can be in git, or just a local folder.

Loading Custom Actions into RobustaΒΆ

You can load your playbook in one of two ways:

  1. From a git repository, as described in the configuration guide

  2. From a local directory, using robusta playbooks push

We'll describe the second option which is convenient for development.

Using a local directoryΒΆ

Enable persistent playbooks storage in the Robusta's Helm values (generated_values.yaml):

playbooksPersistentVolume: true

Apply the change:

helm upgrade robusta robusta/robusta --values=generated_values.yaml

Use the Robusta CLI to load your repository:

robusta playbooks push ./my-playbooks-project-root

This copies your repository to a mounted persistent volume in the robusta-runner deployment at /etc/robusta/playbooks/storage.

The actions inside the repository are now loaded and ready for use.