Robusta can report issues and events in your Kubernetes cluster to the OpsGenie alerts API.

To configure OpsGenie, We need an OpsGenie API key. It can be configured using the OpsGenie team integration.

Configuring the OpsGenie sinkΒΆ

Add this to your generated_values.yaml

- opsgenie_sink:
    name: ops_genie_sink
    api_key: OpsGenie integration API key  # configured from OpsGenie team integration
    - "noc"
    - "sre"
    - "prod a"

Save the file and run

 helm upgrade robusta robusta/robusta --values=generated_values.yaml

Example Output:

Typically you'll send alerts from Robusta to OpsGenie and not deployment changes. We're showing a non-typical example with deployment changes because it helps compare the format with other sinks.