Robusta UIΒΆ

Robusta can send issues and events in your Kubernetes cluster to the Robusta UI.

Configuring the Robusta UI SinkΒΆ

Use the robusta CLI to generate a token:

 robusta integrations ui

Add a new sink to your Helm values, under sinksConfig, with the token you generated:

Add this to your generated_values.yaml

  - robusta_sink:
      name: robusta_ui_sink
      token: <your-token>
      ttl_hours: 4380

Perform a Helm Upgrade.

Handling Short-Lived Clusters in the UIΒΆ

By default, inactive Robusta clusters will be kept in the UI for 6 months data retention. (4380 hours)

If you have many short-lived clusters, you can remove them from the UI automatically once they stop running. To do so, configure a shorter retention period by setting ttl_hours = <hours>.

More Information about the UIΒΆ

For more information on UI features, view