Robusta actions can run in response to Elasticsearch/Kibana watchers by using Elasticsearch webhook actions.

A common use case is gathering troubleshooting data with Robusta when pods write specific error logs.

Robusta ConfigurationΒΆ

  1. The Robusta-relay must be enabled so that it can route Elasticsearch webhooks to the appropriate Robusta runner

  2. The following variables must be defined in your generated_values.yaml file:

  account_id: ""       # your official Robusta account_id
  signing_key: ""      # a secret key used to verify the identity of Elasticsearch

You do not define playbooks for Elasticsearch triggers in generated_values.yaml. Instead the playbook is defined entirely on the Elasticsearch side.

Example Elasticsearch WatcherΒΆ

The following Elasticsearch Watcher configuration will trigger a Robusta playbook. Make sure you update <account_id>, <cluster_name>, and <secret_key> in the emphasized line. These should match the Robusta Helm chart values.

   "trigger": {
     "schedule": {
       "interval": "30m"
   "input": {
     "simple": {
       "str": "val1",
       "obj": {
         "str": "val2"
       "num": 23
   "condition": {
     "always": {}
   "actions": {
     "robusta_webhook": {
       "throttle_period_in_millis": 0,
       "transform": {
         "script": {
           "source": """
             return ['body' :
                 ['account_id' : 'some_account',
                  'cluster_name' : 'gke_arabica-300319_us-central1-c_cluster-5',
                  'origin' : 'elasticsearch',
                  'action_name' : 'echo',
                  'action_params' : ['message' : 'Hello Robusta!'],
                   'sinks' : ['slack']
                 'key' : 'very_secret']""",
           "lang": "painless"
       "webhook": {
         "scheme": "https",
         "host": "api.robusta.dev",
         "port": 443,
         "method": "post",
         "path": "/integrations/generic/actions_with_key",
         "params": {},
         "headers": {},
         "body": "{{#toJson}}ctx.payload{{/toJson}}"


Most Robusta actions can be triggered in this manner. Try changing action_name and action_params above to trigger a different action