CLI Commands

Installing the cli

pip install -U robusta-cli --no-cache

Common Errors

  • Python 3.7 or higher is required

  • If you are using a system such as macOS that includes both Python 2 and Python 3, run pip3 instead of pip.

  • Errors about tiller mean you are running Helm 2, not Helm 3

For Windows please use WSL.

  • Download robusta script and give it executable permissions:

curl -fsSL -o robusta
chmod +x robusta
  • Use the script, for example:

./robusta version
  • In order to upgrade the cli run:

./robusta upgrade-cli

Common Errors

  • Docker daemon is required.

Using the cli

The main cli commands are:

robusta gen-config

Generate a Helm values file for installing Robusta.

robusta integrations slack

Generate a Slack API key for Robusta.

robusta playbooks trigger

Manually trigger a playbook

robusta playbooks list

Show currently configured playbooks.

robusta playbooks push

Push custom playbooks into the current cluster

robusta playbooks delete

Delete custom playbooks from the current cluster

robusta playbooks list-dirs

List current custom playbooks directories in the cluster

robusta playbooks reload

Reload all playbooks in the cluster

robusta playbooks pull

Pull custom playbooks from the current cluster into a local directory

robusta demo

Deploy a crashing pod to Kubernetes to demo Robusta features

robusta demo-alert

Fire an alert on Prometheus AlertManager.

Additional CLI Commands

You can view additional commands with robusta --help.

These two commands are useful for changing Robusta configurations without doing a Helm re-deploy:

robusta playbooks edit-config

Bypass helm and edit Robusta's configuration directly

robusta playbooks configure

Bypass helm and push a new Robusta configuration


Changes made by these commands will be overridden by Helm next time it updates your cluster. Furthermore, the internal Robusta configuration file has a slightly different format than the Helm values.