Silencing AlertsΒΆ

Prometheus Alerts can be silenced several ways:

  1. Define a silence in Prometheus according to alert labels

  2. Clicking the Silence button in Slack (this is equivalent to the above method)

  3. Define a Robusta playbook with a smart silencer action

Robusta silencers (the third method) are useful for:

  • Implementing silencing as code in a YAML file

  • Selectively silencing with smart logic, not just according to labels

Using Silencer ActionsΒΆ

Here is an example that shows the power of silencer actions.

Let's silence the KubePodCrashLooping alert when it fires within 10 minutes of a node restart:

- triggers:
  - on_prometheus_alert:
      alert_name: KubePodCrashLooping
  - node_restart_silencer:
      post_restart_silence: 600 # seconds

The node_restart_silencer is context-aware. It will only silence KubePodCrashLooping for Pods running on the node that just restarted.

Further ReadingΒΆ