Monitoring Robusta with PrometheusΒΆ

Robusta Metrics GraphsΒΆ

Robusta runner supports Prometheus and exposes performance and error metrics on the /metrics endpoint.

After Prometheus discovers the ServiceMonitor, the robusta-runner page in the UI will automatically include graphs as shown below.

This guide will help you setup Robusta to observe the collected monitoring data on the Robusta platform.

Exposing Robusta metrics endpointΒΆ

Once Robusta is running, port forward to its pod using

kubectl port-forward deployment/robusta-runner 5000


curl -s localhost:5000/metrics

The response will look similar to the following snippet, and include the metrics:

# HELP discovery_errors_total Number of discovery process failures.
# TYPE discovery_errors_total counter
discovery_errors_total 0.0
# HELP discovery_errors_created Number of discovery process failures.
# TYPE discovery_errors_created gauge
discovery_errors_created 1.6925408357619166e+09
# HELP discovery_process_time Total discovery process time (seconds)
# TYPE discovery_process_time summary
discovery_process_time_count 258.0
discovery_process_time_sum 87.89608378204866
# HELP discovery_process_time_created Total discovery process time (seconds)
# TYPE discovery_process_time_created gauge
discovery_process_time_created 1.6925408357619708e+09
# HELP playbooks_errors_total Number of playbooks failures.
# TYPE playbooks_errors_total counter
# HELP playbooks_process_time Total playbooks process time (seconds)
# TYPE playbooks_process_time summary
playbooks_process_time_count{source=""} 2218.0
playbooks_process_time_sum{source=""} 215.01851963996887
playbooks_process_time_count{source="manual_action"} 22.0
playbooks_process_time_sum{source="manual_action"} 2.7707679271698
# HELP playbooks_process_time_created Total playbooks process time (seconds)
# TYPE playbooks_process_time_created gauge
playbooks_process_time_created{source=""} 1.692540846287054e+09
playbooks_process_time_created{source="manual_action"} 1.6926052244569693e+09
# HELP queue_event_total Number of queue events status
# TYPE queue_event_total counter
queue_event_total{queue_name="api_server_queue",status="queued"} 1554.0
queue_event_total{queue_name="api_server_queue",status="processed"} 1554.0
queue_event_total{queue_name="alerts_queue",status="queued"} 169.0
queue_event_total{queue_name="alerts_queue",status="processed"} 169.0
# HELP queue_event_created Number of queue events status
# TYPE queue_event_created gauge
queue_event_created{queue_name="api_server_queue",status="queued"} 1.6925408454740999e+09
queue_event_created{queue_name="api_server_queue",status="processed"} 1.6925408467937994e+09
queue_event_created{queue_name="alerts_queue",status="queued"} 1.6925409958650925e+09
queue_event_created{queue_name="alerts_queue",status="processed"} 1.6925409967573514e+09
# HELP queue_process_time queue process time (seconds)
# TYPE queue_process_time summary
queue_process_time_count{queue_name="api_server_queue"} 1554.0
queue_process_time_sum{queue_name="api_server_queue"} 628.65576171875
queue_process_time_count{queue_name="alerts_queue"} 169.0
queue_process_time_sum{queue_name="alerts_queue"} 10279.701471090317
# HELP queue_size Current size of the queue
# TYPE queue_size gauge
queue_size{queue_name="api_server_queue"} 0.0
queue_size{queue_name="alerts_queue"} 0.0

Configuring Prometheus monitoringΒΆ

First, verify the discovered by your Prometheus, run:

kubectl get prometheus -o yaml | grep -A3 serviceMonitorSelector

The response will look similar to this

    release: robusta # this label must exists on ServiceMonitors in order to be discovered.
shards: 1

Robusta helm installation will deploy the following ServiceMonitor CRD into your cluster:


The ServiceMonitor CRD definition must exists on the cluster.

kind: ServiceMonitor
  name: robusta-runner-service-monitor
    # Adjust this label to your Prometheus matchLabels selector
    release: robusta
    - path: /metrics
      port: http
      app: robusta-runner
    - target

Adjust the Robusta ServiceMontior labels so they match the Prometheus CRD.

Now the metrics graph should be visible on the Robusta UI.