Documentation contributions

These are instructions for contributing to Robusta's documentation.

Robusta's docs

These docs are Sphinx docs.

Currently it's all manual docs, but at a later phase can crawl the python code, and auto generate additional docs.

GitHub actions build & deploy

The docs are deployed into a public gcp bucket.

Any push to docs/* will trigger a github workflow, that will build the docs to 'master' ( Creating a code release will build and deploy docs release too. (for example:

If you need to override an existing doc release, you can manually trigger the workflow, with the release version as a parameter.

Local Build

The docs definitions are .rst files. Learn more about .rst files here

Prerequisites to be present on your local machine:

First download Robusta(source code):

git clone && cd robusta

Install the build requirements:

poetry install -E all

To build the docs and develop locally run the script:


Note: If you're on windows, run the contents of the manually.

Run make help inside the docs directory for more options for working with sphinx.


  1. poetry: command not found - Make sure you have Poetry installed and run source $HOME/.poetry/env in Linux environments to set the poetry environment variables.

  2. sphinx-build: command not found - Make sure you have Sphinx installed.

  3. OSError: [Errno 98] Address already in use - Use the --port <Number> argument, with a port of your choice. Example: ./ --port 8822