AI AnalysisΒΆ

Robusta can integrate with Holmes GPT to analyze health issues on your cluster, and to run AI based root cause analysis for alerts.

Holmes can be installed with Robusta by adding enableHolmesGPT: true to the Robusta generated_values.yaml file.

When available, AI based investigations can be launched using the Ask Holmes button in Slack. The results will be sent back as a new message.

On the Robusta UI, clicking the Find Root Cause button will start an investigation and display its results.



Only GPT-4o is officially supported. We highly recommend using GPT-4o to get the most accurate results!

In order to include Holmes GPT with you Robusta installation, add the following to your generated_values.yaml

To use Open AI (this is the default llm):

enableHolmesGPT: true
  openaiKey: <YOUR OPEN AI KEY>

To use Azure Open AI:

enableHolmesGPT: true
  llm: azure
  azureOpenaiKey: <YOUR AZURE OPEN AI KEY>
  azureEndpoint: <YOUR AZURE OPEN AI ENDPOINT>  # For example: β€˜’