Common ErrorsΒΆ

This list contains some common errors we have encountered over time. If you can't find your answer here, please contact or go to our slack channel.

Robusta CLI is not in path
  1. Determine where the Robusta-cli binary file is installed

which python3

This <new-path> should be added to the user path directores.

  1. Find your shell config file ( ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zshrc etc...) and append the following line:

export PATH="$PATH:<new-path>"
  1. Reopen the terminal or run:

source <shell-config-file>


another solution is to run a command (e.g gen-config) directly with python: python3 -m robusta.cli.main gen-config

CLI SSL certificate issue

This error may suggest a python certificate package is missing in your system. Try running the script located at: /Applications/Python 3.9/Install Certificates.command

For more info see: