Smart Triggers

These high-level triggers identify interesting events in your cluster.

Under the hood, smart triggers are implemented on top of lower-level triggers.
For example, the on_pod_crash_loop trigger internally listens to other Kubernetes (API Server) triggers and applies logic to fire only on crashing pods.

Example triggers

Pod Crash Loop

  • on_pod_crash_loop

This trigger will fire when a Pod is crash looping.

- triggers:
  - on_pod_crash_loop:
      restart_reason: "CrashLoopBackOff"
  - report_crash_loop: {}

Trigger parameters:

  • restart_reason: Limit restart loops for this specific reason. If omitted, all restart reasons will be included.

  • restart_count: Fire only after the specified number of restarts

  • rate_limit: Limit firing to once every rate_limit seconds


Have an idea for another smart trigger? Please open a github issue