Robusta UI

Robusta can send Kubernetes errors and alerts to the Robusta UI.

To configure Robusta UI, use our CLI to generate a token. Run:

robusta integrations ui

Configuring the Robusta UI sink

Add this to your generated_values.yaml

    - robusta_sink:
        name: robusta_ui_sink
        token: <your-token>
        ttl_hours: 4380


Inactive Robusta clusters have a default 6 months data retention span (4380 hours).
To prevent short-lived clusters from fililng up the UI, you can remove clusters that haven't communicated for more than a few hours by setting ttl_hours = <number-time-span>.

Save the file and run

 helm upgrade robusta robusta/robusta --values=generated_values.yaml

Example Output:

For full overview of Robusta UI features check our home page.