Message Formatting

These actions are useful for customising the output of existing actions

Finding attributes

Customise finding

Playbook Action

Overrides a finding attribute with the provided value.

All messages from Robusta are represented as a Finding object. This action lets you override Finding fields to change that messages Robusta sends. This lets you modify messages created by other actions without needing to rewrite those actions.

This action does not create a new Finding, it just overrides the attributes of an existing Finding. It must be placed as the last action in the playbook configuration, to override the attributes created by previous actions

Add this to your Robusta configuration (Helm values.yaml):

- customise_finding: {}
- on_pod_create: {}

The above is an example. Try customizing the trigger and parameters.

title (str)
description (str)
severity (str)

This action can be manually triggered using the Robusta CLI:

robusta playbooks trigger customise_finding