Standard Architecture

Robusta is installed and managed with Helm.

Automations engine

The main component of Robusta is the automation engine, which runs in-cluster as two Kubernetes deployments


Connects to the APIServer and monitors Kubernetes changes. Forwards them to robusta-runner.


Executes playbooks

Bundled Prometheus stack (optional)

Robusta includes an optional Embedded Prometheus Stack, preconfigured with alerts for Kubernetes according to best practices.

If you already use Prometheus, you can point it at Robusta instead.

Web UI (optional)

There is a web UI 1 which provides a single pane of glass to monitor all your alerts and pods across multiple clusters.

CLI (optional)

The robusta cli has two main uses:

  1. Making it easier to install Robusta by autogenerating Helm values

  2. Manually triggering Robusta troubleshooting workflows (e.g. to grab a heap dump from any Java pod)

It also has features useful for developing Robusta itself.

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This is the only component that isn't open source and it's completely optional. It can be self-hosted.