Robusta UI Triggers

Robusta UI can pull data directly from your clusters.
This lets you see extra data like running pods, which is fetched on demand.

Minimum Requirements

Robusta & Robusta CLI versions must be at least 0.9.11.

  • Robusta
    • To check your current cluster version, run: helm list --filter robusta

    • To upgrade your cluster to the latest version, run: robusta upgrade

    • Note! You need to do this per cluster.

  • Robusta CLI
    • To check your current CLI version, run: robusta version

    • To upgrade your CLI to latest version, run: pip install -U robusta-cli --no-cache

Multi Cluster Support

To use this feature on multiple clusters, make sure you install Robusta with these same values across all your clusters:
  • globalConfig.account_id

  • globalConfig.signing_key

  • rsa

These values are inside the generated_values.yaml file you use when you run helm install robusta...
See Installation Guide for more details.